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A MOXIE® is like a digital, multifunctional book - and by far more than that.

Compared to a book or article, the MOXIE® is not only read in theory or consumed by a user. It is targeted to address a specific issue or to achieve specific goals. It represents the direct bridge between theory (MOXIE author) and practice (user). The use of a MOXIE is called MOXIE run. There are various MOXIE® types (i.e. CHECKUP, ACTION, etc.) and each MOXIE® is labeled with it's type.

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Transport Supplier Assessment - Complete CHECKUP

Transport Supplier Assessment - Complete

Campus4WIND® Editorial | 2021-08-31

Assess the general system and process essentials of service enterprises to the wind industry.

Wie digital ist mein Unternehmen? CHECKUP

Wie digital ist mein Unternehmen?

Campus4WIND® Editorial | 2017-07-24

Assess the digitalizaiton level of your enterprice. Are our company a part of the digital World of tomorrow?

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